Essential Skills Development

Children who are enrolled in a Montessori school develop coordination, independence, concentration, and other skills at an early age. The daily activities and even the design of each classroom are intended to help children understand the concept of order and learn how to regulate themselves. These important skills are taught in such a fun and welcoming environment that it feels more like play than learning.

Targeted Teaching Strategy

Not all students learn at the same pace, which is why Montessori education accommodates a wide variety of learning styles. Each student is provided with an individualized learning plan and guided through their curriculum at his or her own pace. Montessori teachers never attempt to push students through the learning process or make them feel bad if they learn differently than their peers.

Compelling Love of Learning

When children develop a love of learning at a young age, they are more likely to seek knowledge throughout their entire life. In Montessori classrooms, teachers provide students with exciting educational environments and allow them to explore the world around them. The ability to find answers to one’s own questions is central to the Montessori educational experience.

Close-Knit Community

Each Montessori classroom is composed of students of multiple ages (age ranges typically span 3 years). This environment is very comforting to younger students who have older peers to look up to and emulate. In this safe and comfortable environment where students are given freedom to learn in their own style and at their own pace, it is easy to see why so many are ready to step out into the world as respectful, engaged, and competent citizens after program completion.