Repairing Cracks

At times, Salt Lake City asphalt can sometimes succumb to cracks. To clean debris and dirt from the cracks, use an old screwdriver to scrap loose debris. Grab a wire brush and scrub the walls of the crack, then vacuum up the remnants. Fill the crevice completely with asphalt crack filler, then smooth out the surface with a trowel. Afterwards, use a quality asphalt sealer to complete the job.

Repairing Holes

If your asphalt is plagued by holes of any size, start by digging the holes down to a solid substrate. It’s ok to make small holes larger so they’re easier to work with. Clean and remove the loose debris by using a shop vacuum, then pour in an asphalt repair filling product, paying close attention to the instructions. For larger holes, a coarse-aggregate filler may be required.

Best Time To Do Repairs

In addition to learning how to repair an asphalt driveway, you should also carefully plan the day and time to actually do the repairs in order to ensure the best results. Aim to perform the repairs on a day that is both dry and hot, with no rain reported as an issue for the next several days. Asphalt repair products are easier to work with on warm days and dries quicker.

Keeping your asphalt in good repair will extend its usefulness. Schedule regular inspections of your asphalt driveway and repair any issues before they become problematic.